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Atleta Mattress with Aromatherapy - Ecologic - Sabicol



735,00 €


Ideal for Athletes

Manufactured exclusively by Sabicol for (SoftCloud Mattress)

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Hygiene and Aromatherapy

Did you know that you can give your mattresses with all this technology?

Recent studies carried out at Ben Gurion University (Israel) indicate that inhaling aromas of natural essences helps alleviate the symptoms caused by different pathologies.

Sabicol Mattresses in their constant search for a better and more pleasant bed has introduced this treatment in their mattresses. The aromatherapy that we use is totally natural, having a wide catalog of different essences according to the ailment to be treated.


Ideal for people with allergies or asthma

In our mattresses with aromatherapy treatment you will find a compartment where you can deposit the essential oil or the desired seeds. Thanks to the exclusive aeration channels of our mattresses, the aroma will be distributed evenly throughout our mattress, thus providing the beneficial properties of aromatherapy to our bed.

Hygiene System

Due to the large amount of time we spend resting on our mattress, it is vitally important that we keep it always in perfect condition since its status directly influences our health.



How does the hygiene and aromatherapy system work?

The aromatherapy package contains a natural lavender leaf bag, lavender essence bottle and an acaricidal, bactericidal and fungicidal spray.



Place the natural lavender pouch in the mattress compartment. After about two months we can regulate the intensity by adding a drop of natural essence to the lavender bag. Repeat the process every week adding more or less drops until you get the desired intensity. It is not an air freshener system, it is necessary to regulate the optimum aroma intensity for each person.


Sanitize the mattress:

Every three months you have to check the hygiene and aromatherapy compartment, take out the lavender bag and essence bottle and with the sanitizer that you will make 20 pulsations (more or less) inside the compartment.

After applying the sanitiser, close the compartment and let it act 24 hours. In this way we make sure that our rest equipment is free of mites, bacteria and mold. It is ideal for allergic people.

After 24 hours, place the lavender bag and the essence bottle inside the compartment.




Celliant is a textile that converts the consumed energy into valid energy thanks to the action of three thermoactive minerals:

  • Titanium dioxide: is responsible for absorbing energy
  • Silicon dioxide: acts as an energy reflector and is antibacterial
  • Aluminum oxide: increases strength and energy reflection

SOFT EVODRY (2,5 cm)

The main advantage of the Evodry compared to the rest of the foams used up to now is the amount of air circulating inside the mattress.

With the use of Evodry foaming in the core of our mattresses, we get the maximum air circulation, being ideal for all those who spend heat when they sleep or have excessive sweating due to a lack of aeration of the mattress, because thanks to its total circulation of air and its honeycomb structure the sensation of heat produced by the mattress on our body, disappears.


Viscoelastic material of great softness, with soybean oil extract made from natural raw material and not modified transgenically.

The structure of open cells, allows an optimal circulation of air and provides a greater and better elasticity and durability.

ESPITEX HR. (10 cm)

Non-harmful material of the latest technology and total breathability, offers the perfect support avoiding any pressure on our body, and allowing a quick adaptation to the different positions of each person. With this support we will get a sensation of weightlessness and a totally effectively rest.

BB SOJA (11 cm)

Low foaming in polyol and TDI composition, with natural substitutes such as soy and aloe. Material with great rebound and resistance.


Lower cover padded in natural fiber in double layer 3D fabric with anti-condensation and anti-oxidation treatment.

The flagship mattress of our store, it is the ultimate mattress when it comes to materials:

For athletes and couples / people with medium and high weights, they will be able to enjoy a cool and adaptable mattress without suffering heat due to the accumulation of temperature.

These natural components such as ViscoSoja fresh and breathable that dissipates heat with the help of another material patented by Sabicol, the EVODRY viscoelastic

super breathable, it provides a porosity hitherto that never seen in a viscoelastic mattress.

An investment with 5 years of guarantee 100% sealed and verified.

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Atleta Mattress with Aromatherapy - Ecologic - Sabicol

Atleta Mattress with Aromatherapy - Ecologic - Sabicol

Ideal for Athletes

Manufactured exclusively by Sabicol for (SoftCloud Mattress)

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